300 Series

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300 Series

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Product Description

The 300 Series Mattress Pad offers a full assortment of sleep benefits at a hard to beat value price. The
Hypoallergenic 300 Series Mattress Pad offers complete protection against stains on your mattress
by incorporating the Whisper Quiet Waterproof barrier into this extremely durable and easy to clean
quilted pad. The 300 Series Mattress Pad prevents the growth of dust mites, mold spores, bacteria
and other allergens commonly found in mattresses. The patented Whisper Quiet Waterproof layer is
laminated to the woven polyester fabric to create a barrier against liquid stains to the mattress like
food, beverage and all human bodily fluids. A light quilt over a polyester batting provides a soft touch to
any sleep surface. Fits all mattresses up to 15”.

  • Super Plush microfiber cover provides maximum comfort with minimal maintenance
  • Technologically Advanced Waterproof Membrane blocks mattress stains from all food and beverage as well as human and pet bodily fluids
  • Micro Blocking Technology prevents the growth of dust mites, mold spores and other airborne allergen triggers commonly found in mattresses
  • Hi-Loft quilting over lush polyester padding adds comfort and breathability for a comfortable and cool nights sleep
  • Easy Stretch sides accommodate mattresses up to 15”
  • Machine washable

Complete Protection

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