FPC is the leader in furniture protection products.

    We are dedicated to the preservation of your fine furniture and home furnishings. Our proven products are engineered to give lasting protection while being gentle on surfaces, helping to prolong the life and look of your furniture. Stains, U/V light and even dust can permanently damage furniture over time. Antique or delicate furniture is more at-risk for permanent damage.

    Our products will keep your furniture looking fresh and new for years to come. 

    Don’t let your furniture waste away slowly. Call us today to Protect Your Furniture!

    Complete Protection

    Upholstered Sofas, Sectionals, Easy Chairs, Draperies, Dining Room Chairs, Throw Pillows, Fabric Wall Coverings (Tapestries), Waiting Room Chairs, Office Furniture, Yacht and Automobile Interiors, Rugs and Carpets.